The Case Coordination Working Group is a collaborative multi-agency case management process supporting chronically homeless rough sleepers to achieve independent and sustainable housing. CCWG primarily supports vulnerable people that identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders that are rough sleeping and/or experiencing chronic homelessness in the Cairns area. This target group has complex needs including homelessness, alcohol/ drug dependency, oppression, low self-esteem, physical health and/or mental health issues. In response to the Housing crisis CCWG adapts to a posit ive change model, providing cl ients access to supports to enter Rehab, return to country, identification etc. Every two weeks the Case Coordination Working Group meets to develop cl ients' case plans and review progress to ensure actions are implemented and goals are met. The CCWG meet to ensure that the vulnerable in our community receive a service and do not falls between t he gaps.

Participants of the Case Coordination Working Group currently include:  Anglicare NQ Cairns City Council Mission Australia Department of Housing and Public Works Department of Justice and Attorney General - Probation and Parole Queensland Health Salvation Army Women's Centre Department of Human Services - Centre/ink Youth/ink QLD Health - Tropical Public Health/ Nurse Navigation Synapse Lives Lived Well The office of the Public Guardian St Vincent de Paul Neomi National Cairns • CHHII Reference Group (QShelter) and Innovative Supports AU